Certified Dietary Manager (CDM), SC

Note: This degree/certificate leads to professional licensure. Licensing requirements vary by state/territory and relocating could impact whether you will meet eligibility requirements for licensure. Please visit our Professional Licensure Programs page for full details on State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement.

Program Description

This certificate would provide eligibility to take the nationally recognized examination to hold the credential as a Certified Dietary Manager (CDM), adding an additional option for students to enter the workforce in the profession of nutrition and dietetics at a quicker pace than that of the requirements for eligibility to earn the credentials Dietetic Technician Registered (DTR) or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) tracks at the Associates and Bachelor levels. The Department of Nutrition offers general education courses in nutrition, a well-established nationally accredited Dietetic Technician Program and an Associate of Science transfer degree in Nutrition in Dietetics, in alignment with 4-year institutions. Students in the program are required to take internship courses to gain valuable onsite experiences, with up to 450 hours, preparing them for entry-level practice in the profession. The skills certificate would employ one of the three internship courses to meet the Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals Training Program requirements for 150 hours of field experience, under the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP).

This program is not eligible for financial aid. However, it may be eligible for scholarship funding if the student is awarded scholarships.

Recommended Course Schedule

Plan of Study Grid
1st semesterUnits
CUL 100 Sanitation/HACCP 2
CUL 101 Sanitation/HACCP (CFPM) 1
NUTR 100 Introduction to Dietetic Technician Program 0.5
NUTR 121 Human Nutrition 3
NUTR 220 Food Service Systems Management 3
NUTR 253 Cultural Considerations in Nutrition and Health Care 3
 Semester Total12.5
2nd semester
NUTR 221 Quantity Food Purchasing 3
NUTR 243 Medical Nutrition Therapy for Dietetic Techs I 3
NUTR 291 Nutrition Internship-Food Service 3
 Semester Total9
 Total Units21.5

Program Requirements

Skills Certificates can consist of a single course or a short set of courses that provide training for entry-level positions or career advancement. These short-term certificates may also prepare students to take state, national and/or industry-recognized certifications or licensing exams.

Skills certificates are awarded upon completion of coursework and marked on a student's transcripts at the end of the semester. Students cannot declare a skills certificate as one's major. Skills Certificates are not eligible for Financial Aid. 

To earn a skills certificate, students must:

  1. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  2. Have no financial or library obligation to the college.
Certificate Requirement
CUL 100Sanitation/HACCP2
CUL 101Sanitation/HACCP (CFPM)1
NUTR 100Introduction to Dietetic Technician Program0.5
NUTR 121Human Nutrition3
NUTR 220Food Service Systems Management3
NUTR 221Quantity Food Purchasing3
NUTR 253Cultural Considerations in Nutrition and Health Care3
NUTR 243Medical Nutrition Therapy for Dietetic Techs I3
NUTR 291Nutrition Internship-Food Service3
Total Units21.5

Program Outcomes

Students completing the certificate will:

PSLO1: Students completing the certificate will have at least a 70% pass rate on the CDM examination.

PSLO2: Students completing the certificate will earn at least a 70% satisfactory when evaluated to assess learning of given skills using a typical scale ranging from unsatisfactory, satisfactory and excellent.

PSLO3: Students completing the certificate will graduate with 90% being employed in the profession within one year of completion.