Drafting (DFT)

DFT 100 - Basic Drafting Principles Units: 3-4

This entry level drafting course covers use of drafting instruments, lettering, perception theories, geometric and multi-view problem solving, sketching and dimensioning.

Term Offered: All Semesters

DFT 110 - Print Reading for Industry Units: 3

A course designed to provide the fundamental concepts in reading technical drawings required by machine shops, engineering, electrical and welding industries. The course will start with simple prints and proceed to more advanced prints.This course satisfies 6 hours of instruction toward completing the embedded mathematics curriculum requirements, in accordance with Embedded Curriculum Guidelines Option A.

Transferability: May not transfer towards an NSHE bachelor's degree

DFT 240 - Introduction to 3D Studio Max Units: 3

This course is an introduction to 3D StudioMax. Topics covered will include the 3D StudioMax program interface, managing object and project files, creating a basic scene, modeling, lighting, the materials editor, animation techniques, output of images and animations and introduction to the special effects and plug-in capabilities of 3D Studio Max.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: CADD 105.

Term Offered: Fall