English and Math Co-Requisite

NSHE Co-Requisite and College-Ready Gateway Policy

Per the Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 1 NSHE Co-Requisite and College-Ready Gateway Policy

The college no longer offers stand-alone remedial math and English courses.  Remedial courses are now delivered through co-requisite instruction.

Initial Placement of Students into English and Mathematics Courses: 

Degree-seeking students who meet or exceed the minimum English or mathematics scores on any one of the college readiness assessments provided for herein must be placed into a college-level course in that subject and are exempt from being placed into any form of co-requisite instruction in that subject provided that the student:

  1. Was continuously enrolled in an English course and a mathematics course in his or her senior year of high school unless an exception is approved by an NSHE institution; and
  2. Enrolls in an NSHE institution after high school in any term (summer/fall/winter/spring) during the academic year following high school graduation.

(Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 1.2c)

Placement of Students without an Exemption from Co-Requisite Instruction. Institutions may use other factors including high school transcript and grade point average to determine placement. Alternate testing (e.g., ALEKS) to determine the appropriate first college level course may be utilized for higher placement or if the college readiness assessment provided for herein was not taken by the student within three years prior to the date of matriculation. (Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 1.2)

To promote completion of gateway courses, within the first two regular academic semesters following initial enrollment, all degree-seeking students must be enrolled in a college-level or co-requisite gateway English and mathematics course or the equivalent for a certificate program (e.g. embedded curriculum) until the institutional core curriculum English and mathematics requirements are completed.  (Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 1.2b)

Important: If students do not complete required developmental/remedial coursework before completing 30 units they must pay for the co-requisite course on their own. Financial Aid cannot fund developmental/remedial courses once the student has attempted 30 units.

English and Math Co-Requisite

English co-requisite:

Students are able to enroll directly into a college-level English course (ENG 100 or ENG 101) based upon placement scores or successful completion of an alternative placement pathway. Students who do not meet the minimum placement requirements for enrollment into ENG 101 (3 credit course) will enroll in ENG 100 (5 credit course with support). Upon successful completion of either ENG 100 or ENG 101, students will be able to enroll in ENG 102. Students seeking to satisfy their composition requirements with additional assistance in English as a second language may take ENG 113 depending upon placement scores. Consult the English Department web pages for more information.

Math co-requisite:

Students are able to enroll directly into college-level Mathematics (MATH 120, MATH 124 or MATH 126). Students not meeting minimum requirements for enrollment will be able to concurrently enroll into a corequisite support class (MATH 20, MATH 24 or MATH 26) that upon successful completion will be equivalent to the college-level courses. Consult the Math Department web page for more information.

TMCC offers the following co-requisite courses. Course descriptions may be found in the appropriate section of the catalog. NOTE: A math bridge course is now being offered by Adult Basic Education for student who need extra support. Please contact 775-829-9044 for information.

MATH 20Learning Support for MATH 120/120E2
MATH 24Learning Support for Math 124/124E2
MATH 26Learning support for Math 126/126E3