Grade Reports, Incomplete Grades and Grade Appeals

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Grade Reports

Students can access grades and print a copy of their grade report at approximately one week after the end of term.  To receive a complete summary of their academic history, students should request an official transcript.

Incomplete Grades

A temporary grade of Incomplete (I) may be granted to a student at the end of the semester if the student is performing passing work in the course, and there are extenuating circumstances (beyond the student’s control) that prevent the student from completing the course requirements by the end of the instructional period. Non-attendance, poor performance, or requests to repeat the course are unacceptable reasons for the issuance of the “I” grade. A class with an “I” grade cannot be used as a prerequisite for another class. A conference between the instructor and the student should be held prior to the due date for grades at the end of the semester in which the class is being taken. An Incomplete Grade Contract, filled out by the instructor, that includes a detailed statement describing the work to be completed must be approved by the instructor, student, and department chair or dean. Students have until the last day of the next regular semester to complete all agreed-upon work for a course in which they receive an Incomplete. (Summer and Winter sessions are not defined as a semester for this purpose). Failure to do so will result in the Incomplete grade being changed to an "F" grade. Students must make arrangements with the instructor who originally issued the incomplete, or if the instructor is not available, the department chair or dean to complete the requirements.

Grade Appeals

The purpose of the Grade Appeal Policy is to provide the student with a safeguard against receiving an unfair final grade while respecting the academic responsibility of the instructor. Thus, this policy recognizes that:

  • Every student has a right to receive a grade assigned upon a fair and unprejudiced evaluation based on a method that is neither arbitrary nor capricious; and,
  • Instructors have the right to assign a grade based on any method that is professionally acceptable, submitted in writing to all students, and applied equally.

A grade appeal shall be confined to charges of unfair action toward an individual student and may not involve a challenge of an instructor’s grading standard.

A student who wishes to appeal the grade must do so within 90 days of the official ending date of the class. The academic dean’s decision on a grade appeal is final. 

This policy does not cover instances where students have been assigned grades based on academic dishonesty or academic misconduct.  For grade appeals alleging discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in violation of TMCC’s Sexual Harassment Policy, please contact Human Resources.