Student Responsibilities

Location: Admissions and Records Office, Red Mountain Building 319
Phone: 775-673-7042
Fax: 775-673-7028

Student Responsibilities

  • Read and understand the contents of the College Catalog.
  • Become familiar with College policies and procedures.
  • Be aware of College deadlines, including dates for registration, fee payments, dropping classes and registration changes.
  • Keep the College informed of changes in name, address, phone number, enrollment changes, which could affect financial aid awards and/or any other circumstances which could affect satisfactory progress toward a degree/emphasis/certificate.  See Change of Student Information.
  • Attend class and complete all assignments in accordance with the expectations established by the instructor and behave in a manner which contributes to a positive learning environment for all in the classroom and on the campus. See Rules and Disciplinary Procedures for Students or contact the student conduct officer to address any conduct concerns.
  • Use the College Catalog program worksheet to plan which courses to take each semester and utilize the Academic Advisor Report (AAR) in MyTMCC to track your program progress.
  • Schedule an appointment with a faculty member in your chosen program of study or an academic advisor to discuss your time line and pathway to program completion.
  • Physically or learning disabled students may call 775-673-7277 to receive a copy of this course catalog in a more accessible form.

Change of Student Information

While it is critical that all students keep the Admissions and Records office apprised of any changes, it is required of students who receive federal financial aid or Veterans benefits to keep name, address and degree emphasis or certificate information current. Failure to do so may affect eligibility for continued benefits. Changes in degree emphasis, or certificate also affect advisement and course catalog choice for graduation. When the Admissions and Records office becomes aware of an incorrect address, a registration hold is placed until the address is corrected. Contact the Admissions and Records office to remove address holds.

  • Request to change personal Identification data: Students can process a change of name by completing the NSHE form and bringing legal documentation supporting the name change to the Admissions and Records office.
  • A change of address can be made through MyTMCC, or in person at the Admissions and Records office. 
  • Students may submit the Degree, Emphasis or Certificate Change form on line or in person to the Admissions and Records office.


The TMCC Course Catalog describes anticipated programs, courses and requirements. These are subject to modification at any time to accommodate changes in college resources or educational plans. The course catalog does not constitute a contractual commitment that the College will offer all the courses or programs described. The College reserves the right to eliminate, cancel, reduce or phase out courses, programs and requirements for financial, curricular or programmatic reasons. The College also reserves the right to limit enrollment in specific programs and courses, to change fees during the student’s period of study and to require a student to withdraw from the institution for cause at any time.