Policy on Unsupervised Children

TMCC discourages students, staff and visitors from leaving children unsupervised in the building or campus grounds. TMCC employees and police personnel will try to locate parents or other adults responsible for the children and ask that children not be left unsupervised.

Continued lack of supervision of children can result in TMCC staff and police personnel contacting Washoe County Child Protective Services. Responsible adults may face charges of abandonment and/or neglect of younger children.

Parents or adults responsible for children are encouraged to find appropriate care for their children during the period they are attending classes at TMCC.

Children are not allowed to sit in on TMCC classes. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the instructor.

Parents seeking drop-in child care services can call the Child Care Resource and Referral Services at 775-856-6200 or 1-800-753-5500 for a list of child care facilities.