JOUR - Journalism

JOUR 101 - Critical Analysis of Mass Media Units: 3

Survey of the role of newspapers, radio, television, advertising and public relations organizations. Interpretation of the day's news and analysis of media performance.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

JOUR 102 - News Reporting and Writing Units: 3

Introduction to the principles of researching news stories, gathering information in the appropriate arenas and writing clear and accurate articles in accordance with journalistic standards established by the Associated Press. Explores the roles and responsibilities of a reporter for a news organization in keeping the public informed as well as acting as a watchdog. Examines ethical concerns in journalism and legal issues that influence media coverage.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: ENG 98 or qualifying Accuplacer, ACT or SAT scores.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

JOUR 103 - Introduction to Media and Society Units: 3

Learn to observe, analyze and critique mass and networked media using principles grounded in the social sciences. Study how media are used to inform and persuade and strengthen your ability to use media critically.

JOUR 107 - Media Writing Units: 3

Introduction to journalism and strategic communications in the 21st century. Learn the foundations of producing news and strategic communications: how to ethically collect, analyze, aggregate create and publish timely information to engage public audiences.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

JOUR 108 - Media Design Units: 3

Introduction to design principles for media production including the basics of color, typography and composition.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: ENG 101 or ENG 100 with a grade of C- or better, or concurrent enrollment in ENG 100 or ENG 101.

Term Offered: AS NEEDED

JOUR 208 - Media Production Units: 3

Critique and create photo, audio and video stories that are technically adept and which effectively convey a message, as well as analyze aesthetic and storytelling choices in digital media.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: JOUR 107 and 108 with a grade of C or better. ENG 102 with a grade of C- or better, or concurrent enrollment in ENG 102.

Term Offered: AS NEEDED