SW - Social Work

SW 101 - Introduction to Social Work Units: 3

This course presents an overview of public and private services, the profession of social work and an analysis of their functions as modes of social problem solving.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

SW 250 - Social Welfare, History, and Policy Units: 3

Explores the historical development of the social work profession and current policies governing the social service delivery system within the United States. Social policy is presented as a social construction influenced by a range of ideologies and interests. Special attention is paid to social welfare policy and programs relevant to the practice of social work, including poverty, child and family well being, mental and physical disability, health, racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities. The course includes a focus on the role of policy in creating, maintaining, or eradicating social inequities.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: SW 101 with a C or better.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall