Theatre (THTR)

THTR 100 - Introduction to Theatre Units: 3

A survey course covering a variety of different aspects of theater including play analysis, historical style, play writing, acting, directing, technical theater and more. Representative plays are analyzed from a performance-based perspective. No previous experience in theater is required. Satisfies UNR Fine Arts core curriculum and applies as a general elective at UNLV.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

THTR 105 - Introduction to Acting I Units: 3

Interpretation of drama through the art of the actor. Development of individual insights, skills and disciplines in the presentation of dramatic material to the audience and the learning of basic exercises for the actor.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

THTR 116 - Dance Styles: Musical Theatre Units: 1-2

Specialized study in the various dance forms encompassed in musical theater. Special emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of movement and dance techniques to achieve a solid movement base. The course may be repeated for a maximum of four credits.

THTR 133 - Fundamentals of Directing Units: 3

The course is designed for theater students or for persons within the community who have a desire to learn about the overall role and function of the stage director and to apply this knowledge in a practical manner. The course includes a study of the history, theory and conceptualization matrixes of directing and the practical experience in selecting and casting a play, planning rehearsals, blocking, script analysis and working with actors. Also included are scenery, lighting, costume, properties and stage management concepts and coordination.

THTR 175 - Introduction to Musical Theatre Literature Units: 3

This course examines the development of the genre from its operatic roots in Europe to the present day. It will focus on the social and political influences on the art, the influence of composers on each other and landmark productions. The students will also have practical experiences in the prime performance areas of musical theater (acting, singing and dancing).

Term Offered: Fall

THTR 176 - Musical Theatre Workshop I Units: 1-3

Performance of Musical Theatre Production.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Successful audition or instructor permission

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

THTR 180 - Cinema as Art and Communication Units: 3

This course will teach students to appreciate, interpret and respond to selected films from particular genres, directors or actors and to recognize the human values these films depict. It will also introduce students to some of the techniques of filmmaking in general. (Same as HUM 105.)

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Completion or concurrent enrollment of ENG 101 or equivalent.

THTR 198 - Special Topics in Theatre Units: 0.5-6

Various short courses and experimental classes covering a variety of subjects. The course will be a variable credit of one-half to six credits depending on the course content and number of hours required. The course may be repeated for up to six credits.

THTR 204 - Theatre Technology I Units: 3

This course consists of a three-hour-a-week lecture/discussion/demonstration plus 25 hours of lab during the semester. The course focuses on safety, functions of scenery, costuming, tools and material, scene painting, stage draperies, color in theater, lighting and electricity, stage sound and specialized theater equipment.

Term Offered: SPR EVEN

THTR 205 - Introduction to Acting II Units: 3

Continued work on scenes and on principles of auditioning, role analysis, play rehearsal and problems related to sustaining a stage performance.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: THTR 105 or approval of instructor.

Term Offered: All Semesters

THTR 206 - Theatre Workshop: Acting III Units: 3

A continuation of the study of acting at the intermediate/advanced level with an emphasis on internal work, auditioning, script analysis, characterizations and performance.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: THTR 105 and THTR 205 or comparative experience with instructor approval.

Term Offered: Spring

THTR 207 - Laboratory Theatre: Acting IV Units: 3

Intensive and individualized work for advanced acting students.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: THTR 105, THTR 205 and THTR 206 or comparative experience with instructor's approval.

Term Offered: Spring

THTR 209 - Theatre Practicum Units: 1-6

An advanced course for serious students of theater who want to pursue acting, directing and play production in depth. The course culminates with a public performance. Rehearsal hours are arranged and announced at the beginning of the semester.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Successful audition or instructor permission

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

THTR 210 - Theatre: a Cultural Context Units: 3

This is a course designed to increase one's understanding and appreciation of multicultural theatrical art forms and artists who are creating outside of mainstream American theatre. The language, as well as the aural and visual components of the plays, will be explored.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: College level writing skills recommended.

Term Offered: All Semesters

THTR 232 - Children's Theatre Units: 3

Rehearsal and performance of plays for Children Theater including singing, dancing and acting skills for the college student. The course culminates in multiple public performances.

Term Offered: Fall

THTR 240 - Acting for the Camera Units: 3

Introduction to performance in television and film. Basic performance techniques will be explored, culminating in a final project.

Term Offered: Fall

THTR 258 - Theatre Experience and Travel Units: 1-2

A rehearsal and touring field study class in which students travel to an arranged destination for the purpose of performance, play viewing, play study or possible workshop attendance.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.

Term Offered: Spring

THTR 276 - Musical Theatre Workshop II Units: 1-3

Continuation of Rehearsal and Performance of Musical Theatre Productions.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: THTR 176, successful audition or instructor approval

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

THTR 290 - Internship in Speech and Theatre Units: 1-8

A course designed wherein students will apply knowledge to real on-the-job situations in a program designed by a company official and a faculty advisor to maximize learning experiences. Contact the appropriate chairperson for the application, screening and required skills evaluation. Up to eight semester hour credits may be earned on the basis of 100 hours of internship for one credit. May be repeated for up to eight credits.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Consultation, application, and assignment of internship status.

Term Offered: AS NEEDED

THTR 295 - Independent Study: Theatre Units: 1-3

Tutorial study of special projects in theater. A student submits a detailed project description and the objectives and learning outcomes specific to the project are formulated by the instructor and the student.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall