Location: Admissions and Records Office, Red Mountain Building 319
Phone: 775-673-7042
Fax: 775-673-7028

Admission to the College

TMCC follows the Community College Admission – General Policy outlined in the NSHE Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 18. Students wishing to enroll at TMCC must complete an Application for Admission, which includes a one-time $20 non-refundable fee (even if classes are full or you dropped or canceled your classes), and follow the Steps to Enroll.

  • New Degree-Seeking Student – You are seeking a degree and have never been to college, including TMCC.
  • New Transfer Student – You have never been to TMCC, but have completed credits at another college or university.
  • Returning Student – You are a previous TMCC student who stopped taking classes for at least two years and are returning.
  • Non Degree-Seeking Student – You are not seeking a degree but are interested in taking classes for personal enrichment or career skills enhancement; you will not be eligible for financial aid, veterans education benefits, nor some scholarships.
  • Military/Veteran Student – You are a new or returning TMCC student, currently or previously active in the armed forces.
  • High School Student – You are currently enrolled in high school and wish to enroll in one of TMCC’s signature programs for high school students.
  • International Student – You are a new student from any country besides the United States and will have an F1 visa. International Students with F1 visas who are on TMCC I-20s must satisfy the conditions outlined in the NSHE Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 19.

Degree-Seeking Status

To be admitted to TMCC as a degree-seeking student, students must meet one of the following criteria: be a graduate of a high school or its equivalent (certificate of attendance is not equivalent to high school graduation); or be a qualified international student.

Students who do not meet the above criteria will be admitted, but they will be assigned the status of non-degree seeking. Students who are non-degree seeking are not eligible to receive financial aid nor some scholarships.

Continuous Enrollment in Math and English Courses

Please consult the Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 1 for the most current information. Contact Academic Advisement for degree- or certificate-specific allowable Math and English classes.

Students Who Do Not Qualify for Degree-Seeking Status 

Students who are not high school graduates or its equivalent or international students who score below ENG 101 and MATH 120 in the ACCUPLACER, will remain admitted as non-degree seeking. These students will be referred to:

Changing From Non Degree-Seeking to Degree-Seeking

To qualify for degree-seeking status, students must:

  • Provide official transcripts from a regionally accredited institution demonstrating successful completion of six college units in English, math, or other general education courses, or take the equivalent at TMCC; or
  • Request and present official ACT or SAT transcripts. Transcripts must show a minimum course placement of ENG 101 and MATH 120; or
  • Take one of the three state approved HSE exams and present evidence of official HSE transcript showing successful completion.

Time Limitation for Degree-Seeking Undeclared/Undecided

Students are limited to “Degree-Seeking Undeclared/ Undecided” for two semesters, after which they must declare a degree or certificate. Fall, Spring, and Summer each count as one semester. Those who do not declare a degree or certificate will be placed into non-degree status. Students who are non-degree seeking are not eligible to receive financial aid, veterans education benefits, and some scholarships.