Appeal of TMCC Policy

Students appealing the application of a TMCC policy or procedure should begin the process by completing the “Student Appeals Form” and filing it with the Admissions and Records Office. Appeals will be accepted for review if students begin the process within six months from the date of occurrence or six months from when it could be reasonably assumed that the student was aware of the occurrence.

The Student Appeals Board consists of the designee of the President as chair, three faculty members, one counselor, one administrator, two staff members and one student representative. Departmental consultants attending meetings will be non-voting participants. The Board meets monthly, except January and July, to hear appeals and recommend action to the Vice President of Student Services and Diversity, who has final authority.

The Student Appeals Board is responsible to hear appeals initiated by the Admissions and Records procedures, which may include residency issues and refund issues. To initiate an appeal for one of the issues listed below, the student should contact the following:

  • Affirmative action appeal – contact the affirmative action officer or the Director of Equity and Inclusion, and follow guidelines listed in the Board of Regents Handbook.
  • Classroom or departmental procedures - contact the appropriate department.
  • Disciplinary issues-contact the Student Conduct Office.
  • Financial aid appeals - contact the Financial Aid Office.
  • Grade change issues - contact the instructor or follow the procedures outlined in the Course Catalog under Grade Appeal.