Course Retake and Grade Replacement

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Course Retake

Students have the right to retake any course as long as current prerequisites and departmental and program requirements are satisfied, and have only the highest grade used in the computation of their total grade point average. Students will not receive duplicate credit for retaken courses. Students who are receiving financial aid or Veterans benefits should consult with the appropriate office from which they are receiving aid before retaking a course. Students should contact the appropriate department or program for prerequisite and other course requirements. 

For financial aid, students may repeat a course no more than one time, after which they may not receive funding for that class.

Grade Replacement

A student who has repeated a course may petition to have the higher grade remain on his/her transcript and have the lower grade changed to an “R” to indicate the course was retaken.  Both the original and repeated course must be completed at TMCC. Students may replace up to 12 units of coursework. A "W" is considered an action, not a grade, and cannot be replaced by an "R." A student’s academic standing (Dean’s list, probation, suspension, etc.) cannot be retroactively changed by retaking courses. Students may not apply for grade replacement for courses in which they received a sanction for academic dishonesty.

Procedures: A student must submit a Grade Replacement Request for Repeated Courses to the Admissions and Records Office after completing the repeated course and the new grade has posted. Additional information is available from the Admissions and Records Office.

Students must submit a completed Grade Replacement Request Form online to the Admissions and Records Office; or, the form can be printed and submitted via fax, as a scanned document sent via an email, or in person.