Financial Aid Student Rights and Responsibilities

Location: Financial Aid Office, Red Mountain Building 315
Phone: 775-673-7072
Fax: 775-674-7566

Financial Aid Student Rights

Students have an equal opportunity to receive financial aid. After submitting a proper application, students are entitled to expect an equitable determination for eligibility of available funds. Each student’s application is individually reviewed using the same evaluation criteria.

Students have the right to have access to information about all types of aid available at TMCC and their minimum requirements for eligibility, as well as other important Consumer Information Disclosures.

Students have a right to information regarding repayment schedules and interest rates for loans. This information is available in financial aid publications, but it is still important for students to read their own promissory notes carefully before signing.

Students have the right to appeal decisions made by the Financial Aid Office to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.

Financial Aid Student Responsibilities

Students receiving financial aid from TMCC are required to accept certain responsibilities in order to receive their aid packages and/or maintain eligibility for continued aid awards.  Students must check their To Do lists and Financial Aid status in MyTMCC on a regular basis, as well as checking their TMCC email regularly.


Students must be enrolled in a degree, emphasis, or certificate program. Any changes may result in the loss of eligibility and a delay in aid received. EPIC classes are not considered part of the credit load nor the completion rate.

Important Federal Regulation

Federal regulations mandate that funds only pay for classes that are required for a student’s declared program(s) of study. You will only receive financial aid for classes that are required for your degree program. You may still enroll in any class you want; however, your financial aid funding will be reduced to cover only those classes that are counted in your Academic Requirements report. If you receive a financial aid refund, you may authorize it be used to pay for additional classes not required for your degree.

FULL TIME If a student’s award is based on full-time enrollment, the student must maintain 12 or more units.
3/4 TIME If a student’s award is based on three-quarter-time enrollment, the student must maintain 9-11 units.
1/2 TIME If a student’s award is based on half-time enrollment, the student must maintain 6-8 units.
LESS THAN 1/2 TIME If a student’s award is based on less than half-time enrollment, the student must maintain 1-5 units.

See the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for a complete, detailed explanation of satisfactory academic progress.

Change of Status

Students are required to notify the TMCC Financial Aid Office in writing of any event that may alter their financial status such as a change of residency, receipt of additional educational benefits or acceptance of a scholarship. If it is determined that a student received money that exceeded his/her eligibility, the student is liable for repayment of the over-awarded amount.

Federal regulations do not allow students to receive federal financial aid from two schools at the same time. For additional information please visit Financial Aid’s website.

Students should contact the Admissions and Records Office to report any changes in name or degree, emphasis, or certificate. Address changes can be made on This will ensure that the student receives all correspondence from the College and meets financial aid requirements.

Students are limited to “Degree-Seeking Undeclared” for two semesters, after which they must declare a degree or certificate. Fall, Spring and Summer each count as one semester. Those who do not declare a degree or certificate will be placed into Non-Degree status. Students who are non-degree seeking are not eligible to receive financial aid, veterans education benefits, and some scholarships. Students who are unsure of their career path should contact Career Services in the Counseling Center for assistance at 775-673-7060.

Proper Use of Funds

Financial aid funds are to be used for education-related expenses only. Direct educational costs are tuition, fees, books and supplies. Indirect educational costs include expenses for room and board, transportation and other applicable living expenses incurred while attending TMCC.