Visual Media (VIS)

Also see GRC (Graphic Communications) courses that are part of the Graphic Arts and Media Technology/Graphic Communications degrees and certificates.

VIS 120 - Introduction to Animation Units: 3

An introduction to the history of animation and the production of animated work through screening and readings, in tandem with the hands-on, practical application of several historical animation production processes.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisites: GRC 116 or approval of instructor.

VIS 212 - Digital Editing Units: 3

Introductory principles of post-production including equipment, software, and fundamentals of editing concepts. This is an entry-level course designed to teach beginning skills in post-production.

Enrollment Requirements: GRC 182 or approval of instructor.

VIS 213 - Sound Recording and Design Units: 3

This course will explore the relationship between sound and image. Our approach will be both theoretical and practical. Most importantly, perhaps, we will listen to already existing sound design and listen to the environments around us. Our goal is to discover new ways to think and talk about sound, and new ways to incorporate sound into the creation of digital cinema and multimedia work.

Enrollment Requirements: GRC 182 or approval of instructor.

VIS 214 - Cinematography and Lighting Units: 3

Film analysis and short film building utilizing current industry photographic and cinematographic principles. Fundamental knowledge of camera and lighting techniques and equipment. Students will work extensively with lighting.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: VIS 212

VIS 310 - Digital Cinema II Units: 3

Intermediate digital filmmaking course that allows students to utilize skills in screenwriting, cinematography, editing, and sound design in the production of film projects demonstrating artistry and polish. Students will also learn to manage crews, adopt professional work practices, and exercise creative problem-solving techniques.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: GRC 282 or instructor approval

VIS 330 - Digital Animation II Units: 3

Advanced study and refinement of digital animation techniques. Focus on animation design and the creation of short animated projects.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: VIS 120 and GRC 132 or approval of instructor.