COM - Communication

COM 101 - Public Speaking Units: 3

Theory and practice in the composition and delivery of public speeches. Advanced techniques of message development, organization, and style.

Term Offered: All Semesters

COM 113 - Fundamentals of Speech Communications Units: 3

Principles and theories of speech communication. Participation in public speaking and interpersonal communication activities.

Term Offered: ALLSEM&W

COM 212 - Introduction to Communication Research Units: 3

This course addresses basic approaches to research in speech communication. It is an introduction to historical, analytical, critical and empirical methods of investigation.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: ENG 102 or concurrently enrolled

COM 215 - Introduction to Group Communication Units: 3

An introductory course in communication as it functions within small task groups. Emphasis is on observation and analysis of actual small group behavior and on improvement of communication skills within the small group setting. Topics covered include leadership, conflict, norms, role structure, cohesiveness and decision-making. Course stresses student involvement in exercises, discussions and group projects.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

COM 217 - Argumentation and Debate Units: 3

This class addresses the theory and practice of oral argumentative discourse. It includes extensive study of argumentative principles and debate fundamentals. Students will participate in class discussions, speeches and debates.

COM 285 - Communication Disabilities and Film Units: 3

This course will cover popular films and their portrayal of individuals with communication disabilities, including how those portrayals promote both negative and positive images and how these images influence public perception of those with communication disabilities. The realities of communication disabilities will also be discussed.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall