Academic Forgiveness

Location: Admissions and Records Office, Red Mountain Building 319
Phone: 775-673-7042
Fax: 775-673-7028

Students may petition, one time only, to have up to two consecutive semesters worth of units adjusted on their academic record. The names of the courses will remain on the transcript, grades will be converted to “W” and a notation will be placed on the record indicating that a petition was filed and academic forgiveness granted for the semester(s) indicated. All grades for the semester(s) will be converted and none of the forgiven coursework will calculate into the TMCC GPA.


To receive academic forgiveness, three years need to have passed following the semester(s) forgiven, and a minimum of 15 units need to be completed, with a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.2, in the interim. Transfer work can be considered and transcripts need to be submitted.

Students must complete the Academic Forgiveness form. The completed form must be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office in person, by fax, or as a scanned document sent via e-mail.