Developmental/Remedial Credit

NSHE Policy on Developmental/Remedial Credit

Per the Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 3.1:

All degree-seeking students who place into developmental/remedial coursework must take the prescribed sequence of courses until remediation is completed. Students requiring remediation must complete all required coursework prior to completion of 30 college-level units unless otherwise authorized by the institution.

Important: If students do not complete required developmental/remedial coursework before completing 30 units they must pay for the remedial classes on their own. Financial Aid cannot fund developmental/remedial courses once the student has attempted 30 units.

Developmental Courses

TMCC offers the following developmental courses. Course descriptions may be found in the appropriate section of the catalog.

Preparatory Composition
Reading and Improvement
English as a Second Language
ESL Reading/Writing
ESL Grammar
Elementary Algebra
Intermediate Algebra

Students placing into ENG 101/ENG 113 or above but who place below standard in arithmetic must take the prescribed sequence of developmental math courses until completed. Likewise, students placing into MATH 120 or above but who place below standard in reading must take the prescribed sequence of developmental English courses until completed.

Online Developmental Course Registration Policies

Online Developmental English

Registration for online ENG 98 requires an ACCUPLACER score of 76-85.

Online Developmental Math

Registration for online developmental math classes is by departmental permission and limited to students who meet the following three requirements:

  1. The student has not dropped or failed the class before, or the student has a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  2. The student has a grade of A or B in the prerequisite class, or a qualifying ACCUPLACER math, ACT math or SAT math score, taken within the past two years.
  3. The student has a minimum ACCUPLACER Reading score of 86 and a minimum ACCUPLACER Essay Sample score of 5 (or a minimum score of 440 on both the SAT Reading and Writing tests, or a minimum score of 18 on both the ACT Reading and Writing tests), or a C or higher in ENG 98, taken within the past two years.

Students who meet these requirements are advised to contact the Math department.