Music Ensemble (MUSE)

MUSE 101 - Concert Choir Units: 1

Choral presentations of various periods.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

MUSE 111 - Concert Band Units: 1

Concert Band is a performance ensemble made up of woodwind, brass and percussion players. The Concert Band will study, rehearse and perform music of several styles and historical periods. Students should have the equivalent of high school level experience in a concert band program.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

MUSE 123 - Orchestra Units: 1

The TMCC Orchestra is a musical performance ensemble consisting of orchestral string, woodwind, brass and percussion performers. The orchestra will rehearse and perform music of several historical periods and styles. Musical experience equivalent to high school orchestra is required for admission.

MUSE 131 - Jazz Ensemble Units: 1

Performing ensemble specializing in traditional and contemporary big band jazz literature. Experience equivalent to high school jazz ensemble is expected.

MUSE 135 - Jazz Vocal Ensemble Units: 1

Intensive study of jazz singing and playing, including differing styles, improvisation, interpretation, vocal, technique, and ensemble/solo singing with microphones. Required performances each semester.

MUSE 153 - Guitar Ensemble Units: 1

Students rehearse and perform chamber music for instrumental combinations including guitar(s). Music literature from a variety of styles, periods, and ethnic origins will be selected to create the course repertoire.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: MUS 107 or instructor approval.

Term Offered: AS NEEDED