Visual Media (VIS)

VIS 120 - Introduction to Animation Units: 3

An introduction to the history of animation and the production of animated work through screening and readings, in tandem with the hands-on, practical application of several historical animation production processes.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisites: GRC 107 and GRC 116, or approval of instructor.

VIS 212 - Digital Editing Units: 3

Introductory principles of post-production including equipment, software, and fundamentals of editing concepts. This is an entry-level course designed to teach beginning skills in post-production.

Enrollment Requirements: GRC 182 or approval of instructor.

VIS 330 - Digital Animation II Units: 3

Advanced study and refinement of digital animation techniques. Focus on animation design and the creation of short animated projects.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: VIS 120 and GRC 132 or approval of instructor.