Fire Science (FS)

FS 150 - Physical Fitness and Nutrition for Fire Service Units: 3

This course will assist the student in meeting the National Fire Protection Association Standards related to wellness for first responders. This course will also assist the student in preparing for the physical ability portion of Fire Service Testing. The course includes lectures on fitness, nutrition, stress and disease prevention. The course also includes aerobic and muscle development. Students will be required to complete a physical performed by a doctor meeting NFPA standards. This course will be required for those students not taking the Firefighter II program in the Academy format.

Term Offered: Fall

FS 198 - Special Topics in Fire Science Units: 0.5-6

Various short courses and experimental classes covering a variety of subjects. The course will be a variable credit of one-half to six credits depending on the course content and number of hours required. The course may be repeated for up to six credits.

Term Offered: AS NEEDED