Environmental Science (ENV)

ENV 100 - Humans and the Environment Units: 3

This course explores the fundamental components and interactions of earth's natural systems, the relationships between humans and environment, and current and potential solutions to environmental problems. There are four mandatory lab experiences. This course meets University of Nevada, Reno Science core curriculum requirements.

Enrollment requirements: Prerequisite: MATH 95 or higher and ENG 98 or higher, or qualifying placement scores.

Term Typically Offered: ALL SEMESTERS

ENV 115 - Wilderness Survival Units: 3

A course designed to introduce the student to basic survival techniques associated with a variety of environments, i.e., desert, mountain and aquatic, with emphasis on the western United States. Problems of food and water acquisition, exposure and cover are studied. Field trips are required.

Term Typically Offered: SPR/FALL

ENV 198 - Special Topics in Environment Units: 0.5-6

Covers selected topics of interest to students in environmental science. May be repeated for up to 6 credits.

Transferability: May not transfer towards an NSHE bachelor's degree

ENV 290 - Internship in Environmental Studies Units: 1-8

A course designed wherein students will apply knowledge to real on-the-job situations in a program designed by a company official and a faculty advisor to maximize learning experiences. Department review of student's activities and development on the job required.

ENV 299 - Special Topics in Environmental Science Units: 0.5-3

Consideration of selected current problems and conceptual issues in environment. Issues selected will depend upon current interest of staff and students. No prerequisite.