Skills Certificate, Machining Level 1-CNC Turning

Program Description

The Skills Certificate, Machining Level 1 - CNC Turning: Operations and Programming,  will introduce students to computer numerical control (CNC) lathe operations, program formats, and machine setups. G and M codes, control functions, the letter address system, and math issues related to CNC lathes are included. Students will program, set-up and produce a variety of CNC lathe projects. This skills certificate will prepare students to take four credentialing exams: 1) Materials, Measurement, and Safety, 2) Job Planning, Benchwork, and Layout, 3) CNC Turning-Operations, and 4) CNC Turning Programming, Setup, and Operations through the National Institute for Metalworking (NIMS) machining level 1, an 11-part series of tests for entry-level positions. Students must pass all coursework with a score of 70% or higher. 

This program is not eligible for financial aid. However, it may be eligible for scholarship funding if the student is awarded scholarships.

Recommended Course Schedule 

Plan of Study Grid
1st semesterUnits
MTT 101
Introduction to Machine Shop
or Machine Projects
MTT 105 Machine Shop I 3
MTT 230 Computer Numerical Control I 4
MTT 292 Computer-Aided Manufacturing I 4
 Semester Total14
 Total Units14

Skills Certificates provide training for entry level positions or career advancement and are designed to prepare students to take state, national and/or industry-recognized certifications or licensing exams. Skills certificates are awarded upon completion of coursework and marked on a student's transcripts at the end of the semester (Student are unable to declare intent to complete a skills certificate.) Skills Certificates are not eligible for Financial Aid. 

To earn a skills certificate, students must:

  1. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  2. Have no financial or library obligation to the college
Certificate Requirements
MTT 101Introduction to Machine Shop3
or MTT 261 Machine Projects
MTT 105Machine Shop I3
MTT 230Computer Numerical Control I4
MTT 292Computer-Aided Manufacturing I4
Total Units14

Students completing the certificate will: 

  • Write ISO standard G-Code programs for CNC turning operations. 
  • Set-up, operate, and produce a finished product using CNC lathe equipment.
  • Employ appropriate workplace skills, including the application of personal and mechanical safety measures for CNC lathe equipment.