Skills Certificate, Graphic Software Certification - Adobe Certified Associate

The Skills Certificate, Graphic Software Certification, Adobe Certified Associate prepares students to pass the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exams. There are six different certifications. GRC 117 and GRC 200 cover all six applications at a beginning level, and GRC 125 is specific to each application. Students wishing to prepare for more than one ACA exam would sign up for more than one section of GRC 125. Skill Certificate does not include taking the exam. 


  • Students will analyze published objectives for Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) software exams and synthesize knowledge based on those objectives in order to successfully complete tone of the ACA exams. 
GRC 116Introduction to Digital Art & Design3
GRC 117Introduction to Motion Graphics3
GRC 125Graphics Software Certification 11-2
GRC 200Design Thinking & Methodologies3
Total Units10-11
Plan of Study Grid
1st semesterUnits
GRC 116 Introduction to Digital Art & Design 3
GRC 117 Introduction to Motion Graphics 3
 Semester Total6
2nd semester
GRC 125 Graphics Software Certification 1 1-2
GRC 200 Design Thinking & Methodologies 3
 Semester Total4-5
 Total Units10-11