Re-Entry Center

Location: Red Mountain Building 325
Phone: 775-673-7060
Fax: 775-673-7818

The Re-Entry Center offers assistance to special populations who are returning to school and/or the workplace. The center, which is primarily funded by the College and grant programs, is dedicated to helping these individuals become economically self-sufficient through education, vocational training and enhanced job search skills. Assistance is offered through the following programs.

Perkins Educational Partnership Program

Special populations served by this program include single parents, displaced homemakers and those registered with the Disability Resource Center. Those admitted to the program must be pursuing vocational education which leads to a high-skill, high-wage occupation. Services offered are academic advising, vocational assessment, job preparation assistance and referrals for instructional assistance and community resources. Program participants may also request financial assistance for the following: books, child care, instructional supplies and transportation costs. To qualify, candidates must present appropriate documentation of special population status.

Displaced Homemaker Program of Washoe County

Displaced homemakers of any economic level may receive support services to assist them in job search and placement. Services offered by this program include: vocational assessment, career counseling, referrals for community assistance, job search skills workshops, job preparation assistance and referrals for vocational training. The program is open to any displaced homemaker. A displaced homemaker is defined as a person whose primary job was caring for the family but now through death, divorce or disability of his or her partner must become the primary wage earner. The person may have been either unemployed or underemployed during the time he or she was a homemaker, as long as the homemaker was dependent upon another person for financial support. Persons dependent upon government programs such as TANF may also qualify as displaced homemakers.