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NUTR 293 - Nutrition Internship-Clinical Units: 3

Supervised experience in a variety of health care and nutrition settings. Application of classroom theories to actual operations. Registration requires approval of the instructor. This course is designed for students majoring in the Dietetic Technician Program. The Practicum provides a total of 150 hours supervised experience in the area of Clinical Nutrition. The student will interact and apply appropriate nutrition assistance based on the age, health, cultural background and medical needs of the patients/clients. Experience sites may include hospitals or the practice of a Consulting Registered Dietitian.***Department Consent Required***

Transferability: May not transfer towards an NSHE bachelor's degree

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Department Consent Required

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

Skills Certificate - Dietetic Technician

...supervised practice internship experiences ( NUTR 291 , NUTR 292 and NUTR 293 ), they will earn the...