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LAW 101 - Fundamentals of Law I Units: 3

(Legal Specialty course) Relationship and delineation of the function and responsibility of the legal assistant, the attorney and the client; survey of substantive areas of the law; structure of the legal system; basic legal terminology; ethics and liability of the legal profession.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall

Associate of Applied Science - Paralegal/Law

Paralegals assist attorneys in a variety of settings such as private legal practices, the public legal system, and corporate legal departments. TMCC’s paralegal/law Associate of Applied Science program is the only American Bar Association (ABA) approved program in Nevada. Degree Outcomes Students completing the degree will: Exhibit knowledge of the following areas of the law: torts, civil procedure, ethics, and real property. Demonstrate the ability to do basic legal research and basic legal writing. Acquire the knowledge and skills to obtain entry-level employment as a paralegal.