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ENG 98 - Preparatory Composition Units: 3

An intensive course designed to develop writing skills. A step-by-step review of grammatical relationships, sentence patterns, punctuation and usage with concentration on the writing of expository paragraphs and essays. Student writing will primarily be generated from the critical reading of texts taken from across the disciplines. Upon successful completion of the course, the student may move directly into English 101. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Qualifying high school GPA, ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension (RC) score 76-85, or SAT/ACT placement. Corequisite: READ 95 REQUIRED with RC score of 56-75, SAT below 440, or ACT below 18.

Term Offered: All Semesters


...qualified international students and score below ENG 98 or ENG 112 and MATH 95 in...

Developmental/Remedial Credit

...Policies Online Developmental English Registration for online ENG 98 requires an ACCUPLACER score of 76...