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ECE 251 - Curriculum in Early Childhood Education Units: 3

This course focuses on methods of planning developmentally appropriate curriculum for preschool age children (3-5 years old). Topics include theories of preschool curriculum development, children's play, curriculum objectives, lesson planning, daily schedules, assessing child development through the curriculum, evaluation of curriculum effectiveness, and the role of the teacher in facilitating curriculum for preschool children. Curriculum development in all content areas is explored including art, science, literature, music and movement, sensory, language arts/literacy, blocks, dramatic play, woodworking, cooking, math, social studies, multiculturalism, and outdoor play. This course requires 15 hours of field experience in an early childhood classroom. Field experiences are focused learning opportunities that require the student to practice specific skills working with young children. * Students must complete the field experience through TMCC. * Students are required to have fingerprints, an approved background check, and a clear TB test prior to enrolling in courses with field experience. If a student fails to meet these requirements, or if the background check is not approved, the student will not be permitted to participate in courses with field experience. * Students must work with the instructor to arrange a field experience schedule and placement site.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: ECE 190, ECE 204, ECE 210, and HDFS 201.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall