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ECE 204 - Principles of Child Guidance Units: 3

This course is a study of effective use of positive techniques to guide child behavior in early childhood settings. Emphasis is placed on the role of the early childhood professional in using specific positive techniques to help children build positive self-concepts and individual strengths within the context of appropriate limits and discipline. The study includes uses of direct and indirect guidance techniques as well as introduction to guidance systems. This course requires 15 hours of field experience in an early childhood classroom. Field experiences are focused learning opportunities that require the student to practice specific skills working with young children. Students must complete the field experience through TMCC. Students are required to have fingerprints, an approved background check, and a clear TB test prior to enrolling in courses with field experience. If a student fails to meet these requirements, or if the background check is not approved, the student will not be permitted to participate in courses with field experience. Students must work with the instructor to arrange a field experience schedule and placement site.

Term Offered: Spring and Fall