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BIOL 190L - Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory Units: 1

An introductory laboratory course focusing on scientific inquiry and investigation of cell and molecular biology principles, use of laboratory equipment, and metric system measurements and conversions. Both BIOL 190 & BIOL 190L are prerequisites for the following biology courses: BIOL 191, BIOL 191L, and BIOL 251. BIOL 190L can be taken as a prerequisite or co-requisite for BIOL 223. It is highly recommended that BIOL 190 be taken with or before BIOL 190L.

Enrollment Requirements: MATH 120 or higher as a prerequisite OR MATH 126 or higher as a corequisite AND ENG 101 or 113 as a prerequisite or corequisite; OR qualifying Accuplacer, SAT or ACT scores for these courses. MATH 126 or higher is recommended for AS degrees.

Term Offered: All Semesters