Certification Preparation - Personal Trainer Program

Location: TMCC Meadowood Center (MDWS) 5270 Neil Road, S216
Phone: 775-829-9010
Fax: 775-829-9032
Website: http://www.tmcc.edu/wdce/

This series of courses is designed to  prepare you to become a certified personal trainer with your choice of national certification agencies through a comprehensive program covering safe and effective exercise, fitness testing and analysis, body mechanics, wellness fundamentals, proper nutrition, and business management skills.
Course Requirements
Select one of the following sets:8
Anatomy and Physiology I for Fitness Professionals
and Anatomy and Physiology II for Fitness Professionals
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II
EMS 101CPR and First Aid1
MASG 215CBusiness/Marketing for Massage Professionals (Spring semester only)3
or ENT 200 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
or ENT 280 Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development
NUTR 121Human Nutrition3
PT 100CIntroduction to Personal Training (Fall semester only)3
PT 120CTechniques of Teaching Weight Training1
PEX 174Fitness Principles and Practices2
MASG 205CKinesiology for Massage Therapists 13
PT 205CFitness Analysis and Application (Spring semester only) 23
PT 250CInternship in Personal Training 31
PEX 183Weight Training1
PEX 173Circuit Training1
Additional PT and/or PEX units (see schedule for available classes)3
Total Units33

Prerequisite: PT 202C or BIOL 223.


Prerequisite/co-requisite: PT 202C or BIOL 224 and PEX 174


Prerequisite: all courses must be completed prior to taking the 60 hour internship.

Please note: the personal trainer courses do not lead to TMCC Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degrees or certificates of achievement. Units earned in many WDCE “C” courses may be considered nontraditional and must be approved by the vice president of academic affairs in order to be applied to the general studies associate degree or certificate. Also “C” classes may not be counted for financial aid unit requirements.

Sequence designed for a full-time student.

Plan of Study Grid
1st semesterUnits
Elective 2 1-3
EMS 101 CPR and First Aid 1
PEX 174 Fitness Principles and Practices 2
PEX 183 Weight Training 1
PT 100C Introduction to Personal Training (offered Fall only) 3
PT 202C Anatomy and Physiology I for Fitness Professionals 4
 Semester Total12
2nd semester
Elective 2 1-3
MASG 205C Kinesiology for Massage Therapists 3
MASG 215C Business/Marketing for Massage Professionals (offered Spring only) 3
PEX 173 Circuit Training 1
PT 120C Techniques of Teaching Weight Training (offered Spring only) 1
PT 205C Fitness Analysis and Application (offered Spring only) 3
 Semester Total12
3rd semester
Elective 2 1-3
NUTR 121 Human Nutrition 3
PT 208C Anatomy and Physiology II for Fitness Professionals 4
 Semester Total8
4th semester
PT 250C Internship in Personal Training 1
 Semester Total1
 Total Units33

 See program recommendations or requirements.