Associate of Science - Nursing

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Degree Outcomes

Students completing the degree will:

  • Practice professional nursing behaviors, incorporating personal responsibility, values, and expectations of the profession and accountability for lifelong learning.
  • Integrate knowledge of the diverse and holistic needs of the individual to safely implement the nursing process.
  • Communicate professionally and effectively with individuals, significant support persons, and members of the interdisciplinary health care team.
  • Manage care within the interdisciplinary healthcare team to advocate for positive individual and organizational outcomes.
  • Incorporate informatics to formulate evidence-based clinical judgments and management decisions.

Special Admissions Procedures

Program information:  775-850-4054

The TMCC program prepares the graduate to practice as a registered nurse. The TMCC Nursing Program meets the minimum degree requirements for the Associate of Science Degree. The Associate of Science Degree in nursing is awarded upon completion of the curriculum and the student will be eligible to apply to take the national NCLEX-RN examination leading to licensure as a Registered Nurse.

Nursing program graduates are eligible to apply for licensure in the state of their choice. Each state has specific criteria for licensure eligibility. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the state to ascertain eligibility requirements. Graduation from an accredited program is only one of the requirements and does not mean automatic licensure as a nurse. The State of Nevada licensure application contains five questions which may impact the applicant’s ability to obtain licensure. These questions have to do with revocation, denial or suspension of a license or certificate, conviction of a criminal offense, problems with drug or alcohol use, treatment for mental illness and physical disability which could impair one’s ability to practice nursing.

Nursing courses are to be taken in the sequence outlined on the following page. General education support courses may be taken as outlined or prior to acceptance into the program. However, because clinical experiences and/or theory courses may be scheduled during both day and evening hours, it is suggested that as many general education classes as possible be taken prior to acceptance into the program with the exception of required pre-requisites.

Background checks are a requirement of the clinical facilities with which Truckee Meadows Community College has a contract for nursing student clinical experience. If a student declines to provide a background check or if the background is unsatisfactory to the facility, the student will not be permitted to participate in the clinical portion of the program. Prospective students are advised that they will be withdrawn from the program if clinical requirements are not able to be met for any reason. TMCC will not be responsible for obtaining background checks and will not receive the results of any background investigations.

A student’s progression in the ADN program is contingent upon attaining and maintaining a grade of “C” or better in each course in the nursing curriculum.

Admission Requirements

The pre-requisite courses, MATH 126BIOL 223, and BIOL 251 must be taken prior to application for admission to the nursing program. There are additional admission requirements. Please go online for information.

Accreditation and Regulation

The TMCC ADN program is approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing and is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN). Students may contact the Nevada State Board of Nursing at 1-888-590-6726.

ACEN, a U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting agency for nursing programs, maintains information on TMCC’s nursing program. ACEN’s address is:

3343 Peachtree Road, NE, Suite 850
Atlanta, GA 30326

Program Outcomes

Students completing the program will:

  • Achieve a passing score on the NCLEX-RN.
  • Complete the program in a timely manner.
  • Be employable.

AA/AS degrees are designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university.  

To earn an AA/AS degree, students must:

  1. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (see requirements for graduation.)
  2. Complete a minimum of 15 units within the college.
  3. Satisfy General Education requirements for the AA/AS.
  4. Have no financial or library obligation to the college.

Required Courses

General Education Requirements
Must include ENG 102 or ENG 114 1
Fine Arts3
Ancient and Medieval Cultures
The Modern World
Pre-Calculus I (or higher)
BIOL 190
Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
and Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory
BIOL 251General Microbiology4
Social Science3
American Experiences and Constitutional Change
Introduction to American Politics
Additional College Requirements
Cultural Aspects of Nursing Care 2
BIOL 223Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 224Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
U.S. and Nevada Constitutions[3]
American Experiences and Constitutional Change 2
Introduction to American Politics
Degree Requirements
BIOL 224Human Anatomy and Physiology II (additional 2 units from Gen. Ed.)[2]
BIOL 251General Microbiology (additional 2 units from Gen. Ed.)[2]
NURS 102Professional Behaviors2
NURS 138Nursing Care I7
NURS 142Fundamentals of Pharmacology2
NURS 170Nursing Care 27
NURS 202Nursing Care 37
NURS 209Principles of Pathophysiology3
NURS 212Cultural Aspects of Nursing Care3
NURS 274Nursing Care 47
Total Units69-72

If you place into ENG 102 or ENG 114 the additional 3 required units will become elective units.


Course may also count toward degree requirements. Please consult with Academic Advisement.

All nursing courses must be taken in the sequence listed. A grade of “C” or better is required. Other General Education courses may be taken out of sequence if allowed by college policy.

Plan of Study Grid
1st semesterUnits
BIOL 190
Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
and Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory (Fast-Track) 3
BIOL 223 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Fast-Track) 3 4
BIOL 251 General Microbiology (Fast-Track) 3 4
ENG 101 Composition I 3 3
MATH 126 Pre-Calculus I (or higher) 3 3
 Semester Total18
2nd semester
BIOL 224 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Fast-Track) 4
NURS 138 Nursing Care I 7
NURS 142 Fundamentals of Pharmacology (Late-Start) 2
NURS 212 Cultural Aspects of Nursing Care 3
 Semester Total16
3rd semester
ENG 102
Composition II
or Composition II For International Students
NURS 102 Professional Behaviors 2
NURS 170 Nursing Care 2 7
NURS 209 Principles of Pathophysiology 3
 Semester Total15
4th semester
CH 203
American Experiences and Constitutional Change
or Introduction to American Politics
NURS 202 Nursing Care 3 7
 Semester Total10
5th semester
Humanities 5 3
Fine Arts 4 3
NURS 274 Nursing Care 4 7
 Semester Total13
 Total Units72

After completion of prerequisite semester, students apply for admission to the Nursing Degree program.


See approved General Education list for the AA/AS Degree.


 See program recommendations or requirements.