Manufacturing Technologies, Skills Certificate

Advanced Manufacturing Panasonic Preferred Pathway (P3)

The Skills Certificate, Advanced Manufacturing, Panasonic Preferred Pathway (P3), is designed as an employment credential for people with no manufacturing experience. Students will train for a new career in just a few weeks through our self-paced training format. Students will learn terminology and processes used in manufacturing, precision measurement, safety, and quality systems.

Students completing the certificate will practice safety at all levels in modern manufacturing or distribution plants.

Student completing the certificate will apply knowledge and skills used to obtain advanced manufacturing/distribution employment.

Students completing the certificate will use quality control standards to troubleshoot inefficiencies in a production/distribution environment. 

ELM 110M Electrical Safety and Theory0.5
ELM 110M Devices & Symbols/Digital Multi Meters (DMM)0.5
ELM 110M Laws of Electricity0.5
ELM 110M Circuit Protection, Control Switches & Relays0.5
MPT 110M Production System Overview0.5
MPT 110M Manufacturing Process Management0.5
MPT 110M Automated Manufacturing Overview0.5
MPT 110M Industrial Documentation0.5
MPT 110M Manual Assembly Manufacturing0.5
MPT 110M Intro to Industrial Instrumentation & Process Control0.5
MPT 135M Basic Material Handling Equipment.5
MPT 135M Safe & Effective Equipment Operations0.5
MPT 135M Automated Warehouse Concepts0.5
MPT 140M Total Quality Management.5
MPT 140M 5S Principles0.5
MPT 140M Precision Measurements0.5
MPT 140M Lean Manufacturing Principles0.5
MPT 140M Statistical Process Control0.5
OSH 222General Industry Safety1
Total Units10
Plan of Study Grid
1st semesterUnits
MPT 135M Basic Material Handling Equipment 0.5
MPT 135M Safe & Effective Equipment Operation 0.5
MPT 135M Automated Warehouse Concepts 0.5
MPT 140M Total Quality Management 0.5
MPT 140M 5S Principles 0.5
MPT 140M Precision Measurements 0.5
OSH 222 General Industry Safety 1
 Semester Total4
2nd semester
MPT 140M Lean Manufacturing Principles 0.5
MPT 140M Statistical Process Control 0.5
ELM 110M Electrical Safety and Theory 0.5
ELM 110M Devices & Symbols/Digital Multi Meters (DMM) 0.5
ELM 110M Laws of Electricity 0.5
ELM 110M Circuit Protection, Control Switches & Relays 0.5
MPT 110M Production System Overview 0.5
MPT 110M Manufacturing Process Management 0.5
MPT 110M Automated Manufacturing Overview 0.5
MPT 110M Industrial Documentation 0.5
MPT 110M Manual Assembly Manufacturing 0.5
MPT 110M Intro to Industrial Instrumentation & Process Control 0.5
 Semester Total6
 Total Units10