Graphic Arts & Media Technology, Advanced Certificate

Web/UI Development Track

The Advanced Certificate, Graphic Arts & Media Technology, Web/UI Development Track, offers advanced classes that further develop skills for employment, and serves as the third year of an on-site four-year degree program. The program instructs in both theory and application of current web and user interface design software and programming technologies. Students completing the advanced certificate will be eligible to enter the fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts program.

This program has been submitted for approval to the US Department of Education for financial aid funding. It is not eligible for financial aid at this time.  However, it will be eligible for scholarship funding if the student is awarded scholarships.  

Advanced Certificate Outcomes

Students completing the certificate will:

  • Understand and apply historical and current design theories and concepts in the production of visually engaging media that meets the requirements of the graphics industry.
  • Acquire a broad skill set in current graphics related technologies, including computer software applications, processes and other production techniques used in the graphics industry.

Gainful Employment

While all of the educational programs at Truckee Meadows Community College are designed to lead to either employment or transfer, the Department of Education requires that we provide information on specific certificate programs. Specific information on the cost of this program is available here.  We hope this information is helpful to you as you make your career and educational choices.

 Admission into the Advanced Certificate Program requires either completion of the Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Arts & Media Technology or completion of the Associate of Applied Science degree in Graphic Communications. Note: students with an AAS may also need to complete Fine Arts/Humanities (3) and Science (3) courses. All students must satisfy General Education Certificate requirements of Communications (3), Mathematics (3), and Human Relations (3) courses.  Program Advisement is highly recommended. Please contact the department to make an appointment or for more information..

Core Business Course
BUS 330Business Presentations3
Production Courses
GRC 365Web & User Interface Design3
GRC 370Content Management Systems3
CIT 251Advanced Web Development3
CIT 257Web Languages3
Production Electives6
Choose any two 200- or 300-level GRC or VIS courses not listed above
Core History Courses
GRC 300History of Graphic Arts and Media Technologies3
Choose one from the following list:3
Survey of Art History I
Survey of Art History II
Women in Art
Special Topics in Art History
Core Capstone Course
GRC 390Junior Capstone3
Total Units30

For a suggested program sequence, please contact the GRC Program office at 775-673-7291.