Fine Arts, Certificate of Achievement


The Certificate of Achievement, Music is formulated for the student who may want to develop skills in a conservatory-type setting; the student who does not wish to transfer to a four-year institution; the student who may already possess a degree in higher education; and the student who has a vocational interest in music.


Students completing the certificate will:

  • Show competence in basic music skills.
  • Complete the rehearsal and performance requirements for Music Ensemble.

Gainful Employment

While all of the educational programs at Truckee Meadows Community College are designed to lead to either employment or transfer, the Department of Education requires that we provide information on specific certificate programs. Specific information on the cost of this program is available here.  We hope this information is helpful to you as you make your career and educational choices.

Certificates of Achievement are a set of courses that can serve as a stepping stone to an associate degree or allow students to enter the workforce.  Certificates of Achievement have a general education component.

To earn a Certificate of Achievement, students must:

  1. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (see requirements for graduation.)
  2. Complete a minimum of 15 semester credit hours within the college.
  3. Satisfy General Education requirements for the AAS.
  4. Have no financial or library obligation to the college.
General Education Requirements
Human Relations3
Certificate Requirements
Music Ensemble
Select 2 units from the following:2
Concert Choir
Concert Band
MUSE 123
MUSE 131
MUSE 135
Music Theory
Select 2 courses from the following:6
Music Theory I
Music Theory II
Music Theory III
Music Theory IV
Sight Singing & Eartraining
Select 2 units from the following:2
Sight-Singing and Dictation I
Sight-Singing and Dictation II
Piano Class
Select one of the following:2
Piano Class I
Piano Class II
Applied Music2
MUSA (private lessons)
Elective Requirements
Select 7 units from the following:7
Music Fundamentals
Vocal Techniques
Guitar Class I
Guitar Class II
Music Appreciation
History of Rock Music
MUS 131
Introduction to Midi Sequencers and Synthesizers
MUS 213
Theater Practicum
Additional ensemble or applied music courses, up to 2 additional units in each area
Total Units30
Plan of Study Grid
1st semesterUnits
Elective 2 3
Elective 2 1
MUSA Applied Lessons 1-2
Elective 2 1
Communications 1 3
MUS 111
Piano Class I
or Piano Class II
MUS 203
Music Theory I
or Music Theory III
MUS 211 Sight-Singing and Dictation I 1
 Semester Total15
2nd semester
Elective 2 3
MUSA Applied Lessons 1-2
Elective 2 1
Human Relations 1 3
Mathematics 1 3
MUS 204
Music Theory II
or Music Theory IV
MUS 212 Sight-Singing and Dictation II 1
 Semester Total15
 Total Units30

See approved General Education list for the AA/AS Degree.


See program recommendations or requirements.