English, AA

The Associate of Arts, English emphasizes a critical understanding and appreciation of literature through an introduction to, and investigation of, its foundations and expressions. The English emphasis within the Associate of Arts degree program allows the TMCC English department to serve those students seeking a terminal degree or transfer into a baccalaureate program.


Students completing the degree will:

  • Identify and explain the methods and materials of literary research and gain the ability to conduct basic literary research.
  • Evaluate/analyze/synthesize historical and cultural attitudes and ideas, including the ability to identify common and dissimilar traits, that emerge from literary masterpieces.
  • Analyze literature of various periods and come to understand each as a unique art form that reflects human life, culture, trends, and ideas of the time.
  • Cross-apply knowledge gained from previous courses in the analysis/synthesis and/or production of creative works.

AA/AS degrees are designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university.  

To earn an AA/AS degree, students must:

  1. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (see requirements for graduation.)
  2. Complete a minimum of 15 units within the college.
  3. Satisfy General Education requirements for the AA/AS.
  4. Have no financial or library obligation to the college.
General Education Requirements
Must include ENG 102 or ENG 114 1
Fine Arts3
World Literature I
World Literature II
Fundamentals of College Mathematics (or higher)
Social Science3
Additional College Requirements
Diversity 2[3]
World Literature I
World Literature II
Foreign Language0-14
U.S. and Nevada Constitutions3
Degree Requirements
ENG 281Introduction to Language3
or ENG 282 Introduction to Language and Literary Expression
ENG 298Writing About Literature3
Emphasis Requirements
ENG 231World Literature I3
or ENG 232 World Literature II
Elective Requirements10-24
200 level transferable English courses6
Any university transfer course. (Recommended: courses related to intended minor at university)4
Total Units60

If you place into ENG 102 or ENG 114, the additional 3 required units will become elective credit.


Course may also count toward degree requirements. Please consult with Academic Advisement.

Plan of Study Grid
1st semesterUnits
Fine Arts 3 3
Foreign Language 5 4
Mathematics 3 3
Social Science 3 3
ENG 101
Composition I
or Composition I for International Students
 Semester Total16
2nd semester
Foreign Language 5 4
Science 3 3
ENG 102
Composition II
or Composition II For International Students
ENG 231 World Literature I 3
ENG 298 Writing About Literature 3
 Semester Total16
3rd semester
ENG 232 World Literature II 3
Foreign Language 5 3
Science 3 3
U.S. and Nevada Constitutions 3 3
ENG 281
Introduction to Language
or Introduction to Language and Literary Expression
 Semester Total15
4th semester
Choose 10 units of electives 4 10
Foreign Language 5 3
 Semester Total13
 Total Units60