Business, AA

This program can be completed 100% online. 

The Associate of Arts, Business is designed for students who are interested in graduating from TMCC and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business at a four-year accredited institution. This degree is the result of a cooperative effort with NSHE to allow students to freely transfer more business units than previously offered through the Associate of Applied Science degree. Since this emphasis is part of a 2+2 program, students receiving this degree will be eligible for transfer to upper division status in UNR’s College of Business. Within the program, students will explore a wide variety of opportunities in various business fields. The solid background in economics, statistics, and accounting is designed to provide skills required to pursue advanced degrees in any business major. In addition to the completion of the AA business emphasis, students must also have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0 to be admitted directly into a major in UNR’s College of Business.


Students completing the emphasis will:

  • Obtain the required knowledge and familiarity with the range of business disciplines including accounting, economics, statistics, and marketing.
  • Demonstrate understanding of and competency in applied skills, analytical skills, and interpersonal/group relation skills as they contribute to business professional skills.

AA/AS degrees are designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university.  

To earn an AA/AS degree, students must:

  1. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (see requirements for graduation.)
  2. Complete a minimum of 15 units within the college.
  3. Satisfy General Education requirements for the AA/AS.
  4. Have no financial or library obligation to the college.
General Education Requirements
Must include ENG 102 or ENG 114 1
Fine Arts3
Theater: a Cultural Context (satisfies Diversity)
Ancient and Medieval Cultures
The Modern World
Introductory Calculus for Business and Social Sciences (or equivalent)
Lab required. See transfer requirements.
Social Science3
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Introduction to International Relations
General Psychology
Principles of Sociology
Additional College Requirements
Diversity 2[3]
Foreign Language0
U.S. and Nevada Constitutions 2[3]
American Experiences and Constitutional Change
Introduction to American Politics
Degree Requirements
ACC 201Financial Accounting3
ACC 202Managerial Accounting3
COM 113Fundamentals of Speech Communications3
ECON 102Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 103Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 261Principles of Statistics I3
ECON 262Principles of Statistics II3
IS 101Introduction to Information Systems3
MKT 210Marketing Principles3
Elective Requirements
Select 6 units of transferable electives.6
Recommended as a pre-requisite to MATH 176
Pre-Calculus I
Select one of the following Social Science courses:3
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Introduction to International Relations
General Psychology
Principles of Sociology
Total Units60

If you place into ENG 102 or ENG 114, the additional 3 required units will become elective units.


May also count toward degree requirements. Please consult with Academic Advisement.

Plan of Study Grid
1st semesterUnits
COM 113 Fundamentals of Speech Communications 3
ENG 101
Composition I
or Composition I for International Students
Social Science 4 3
IS 101 Introduction to Information Systems 3
MATH 126 Pre-Calculus I (or transferable elective) 3 3
 Semester Total15
2nd semester
Social Science 4 3
ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ENG 102
Composition II (English)
or Composition II For International Students
MATH 176 Introductory Calculus for Business and Social Sciences 3
Diversity/Fine Arts 4 3
 Semester Total15
3rd semester
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 3
ECON 103 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECON 261 Principles of Statistics I 3
Humanities 4 3
Science 3 3
 Semester Total15
4th semester
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting 3
U.S. and Nevada Constitutions 4 3
ECON 262 Principles of Statistics II 3
Science 3 3
MKT 210 Marketing Principles 3
 Semester Total15
 Total Units60

See approved General Education list for the AA/AS Degree.


See program recommendations or requirements.