Associate of Science - Community Health Science Emphasis

The Associates of Science Community Health Science (CHS) emphasis affords students a broad, integrated, and interdisciplinary perspective on a variety of health topics and allows them to begin developing an understanding of personal, public, and community health issues.  The emphasis provides the lower division coursework towards bachelor degrees in community health, public health, health education, and other related areas.  The TMCC CHS Pre-Nursing track prepares students to apply for the TMCC Nursing AS degree program and the other TMCC CHS tracks satisfy the lower division major requirements towards the following UNR Bachelor of Science degrees:

Degree Tracks Offered

Emphasis Outcomes  Students completing the emphasis will:

  • Recognize how the social, cultural, economic, political, geographical and biological environments affect personal and community health.
  • Describe and apply behavioral strategies to promote personal health and wellness, and disease and illness prevention.
  • Demonstrate the ability to gather and interpret evidence-based information, and effectively communicate, in both written and oral formats, on topics related to community health.