International Business (IBUS)

IBUS 280 - International Business Cultures Units: 3

This course, through classroom exploration, examines the impacts on business practices by the culture in which you live and the culture in which you interact. This course prepares students for IBUS 281 and IBUS 282. The course explores the culture and languages of the countries to be visited during the current year's International Business Practices Field Study. Topics covered include: meeting, time orientation, Hofstede's cultural dimensions, Hall's cultural factors, verbal and non-verbal communication, foods and etiquette. Students must apply for admission to the course in the preceding fall. Students must complete this course in the spring with a satisfactory grade to travel on the field study trip in the summer.

Term Offered: AS NEEDED

IBUS 281 - International Business Practices Field Study Units: 3

This course is a five week field study that through travel and interaction with businesses and universities in the country of interest allows students to discover how business is practiced differently in different regions of the world. The course looks at: human resource management, financial management, marketing and accounting practices. Topics will include: foreign currency exchange, financial markets that are impacted in that country, marketing and advertising in that country, benefits and expectations of and by employees. This course requires a trip journal and reflective notes within the journal. This course requires admission in the preceding fall and satisfactory completion of IBUS 280.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: IBUS 280.

Term Offered: AS NEEDED

IBUS 282 - Field Study International Business Emphasis Exploration Units: 1

This course allows students to explore a functional business area in more depth during the field study. Students will have opportunities to meet with individuals that practice in their emphasis and to ask questions. Students may also have an opportunity to participate in field trips that differ from their classmates that will allow them more insight into how their emphasis is impacted in different cultures. This course requires a final reflective paper prior to the end of the second term of the summer session. This course requires admission in the preceding fall, satisfactory completion of IBUS 280 and concurrent enrollment in IBUS 281.

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: IBUS 280. Corequisite: IBUS 281

Term Offered: AS NEEDED