Math Skills Center

Location: Dandini Campus, Red Mountain Building 124
Phone: 775-674-7696
Fax: 775-674-7592

The TMCC Math Skills Center provides foundation level mathematics education for entering students whose math placement scores indicate preparation levels below MATH 95 (Elementary Algebra). The primary goal of the Skills Center program is to prepare students to place into MATH 95/MATH 96 and to develop the mathematical foundation necessary to succeed in this and other college-level mathematics courses. Additionally, the Skills Center also provides training in basic mathematics skills for students taking occupational courses and others who want to develop these skills for other purposes.

Students who enroll in the Skills Center are first given a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to determine exactly what they already know and what they are ready to learn. Then, each student is paired with a math instructor who is a specialist in developmental education. This instructor will design an individualized program for each student so that the program matches the student’s needs. Students will then progress through this program at their own individual pace until they have mastered the skills and gained the knowledge necessary to succeed in MATH 95.